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Gesturco - Gesture quicksketch drawing application

Trying to practice gestures like a pro, but got annoyed with constant changing images or looking at time?

Don't worry, Gesturco is here to help you!

Gesturco is a tool for learning and practicing gesture drawings. It's made for everyone who wants to focus on improving their drawing skills.

You need to master gesture drawing if you want to draw better poses in your projects, and Gesturco is the tool that helps you with that.

With more and more practice with gesture drawing, you will better understand the exertions of muscles, the natural range of motions and the effects of twisting on the body. Gesturco helps you to train hands to sketch what the brain has already seen.

Gesturco lets you to use your image collection and to customize your time for each image and number of images to display.

It very easy to use:

  1. Select folder from your computer

  2. Select time for each image (in seconds or minutes)

  3. Choose the number of images to display

  4. Start drawing


  1. Zoom and pan image

  2. Timer

  3. Flip horizontally and vertically

  4. Countdown timer sound

  5. Show grid

  6. Black and white option

  7. Always on top (windows)

  8. Save folder to favorites

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