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40 Knife Base Mesh - Vol 03 (Game Ready)

40 Knife Base Mesh - Vol 03 (Game Ready) Introduction: Please subscribe my official youtube channel for more tutorials In each project, many items required by the artists consist of repetitive and similar items. To increase the speed of each artist in all tasks and parts of the project, we need a library of suitable models for various purposes, such as creating high-poly or using as a low-poly. In this package, we gather around 40 different types of Knife for you. All of them have proper UVs, which you can create your high-poly and bake it. info about this Product :

40 Knife Base Mesh - Vol 03 (Game Ready) FBX OBJ Tutorial Ready for the baking process Clean UV Clean Topology Video Tutorial:

step by step Time: 31 min Modeling: 3ds Max Project File 3DsMax file

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