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12 Aliens Creatures Heads

Hello guys! Check out the new collection of a humanoid creatures which was made in Zbrush 4r8. This Aliens Heads pack consist of 12 heads of different sci-fi creatures. I tried to create a unique design for each character, with a good level of detail, enjoy it! Available formats: - ZTL (Zbrush 4r8 required to open) 12 ztl files of each head separately, and one ztl with all heads. Splited on subtools; - OBJ 12 obj files of each head; - STL 12 stl files of each head (Merged, decimated topology, good for 3d printing) Total polygon count for all heads is around 4,8 million polygons. Models dont have a good topology, this is a high poly sculpt, remember that!

I hope it will be usuful for you!

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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