Hands and Legs Reference For Artists

Hey! This is my new Reference Pack.

Usage: Proper for beginner and advanced artists that want to Drawing, painting and sculpting. learning the anatomy and lighting, understanding the colors, practicing flow , Shape and form.

This pack contain different ages with poses and objects.

Here a list that what are inside the pack:

Baby (Hands and Legs) : 30 images

Old man (Hands) - 9 images

Man: (Hands and Legs) - 150 images

Young Girl (Hands and Legs) -30 images

woman (Hands) - 160 images

Objects used : Pencil, Apple, Lantern, Tennis ball, Toy gun and knife, Blood makeup, Tobacco pipe, Gloves, Mug, Garden scissors and Gloves, Skull, Cylinder, Chopsticks, Mirror, Book.

Photos: 429 Resolution: 4896 × 3264px, 72dpi Size: 1.3 GB .zip (extract it with WinRaR, 7-Zip or other program) Format: jpg

Manual lenses: 50mm Captured with Fujifilm Mirorless X-A10

You will get 5 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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