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Max Basics: Photon Cannon and modeling approach


  • 1 HD video file
  • Haywood Tools max script
  • Turbosmooth max script
  • Final Renders in jpg format

Duration: 2h 27min video MP4 format with full audio commentary in English


In this tutorial, I will show you how I use 3d Studio Max, Zbrush and various scripts and plugins to create my fan-art photon cannon. This is the video version of the tutorial that I created for the Vertex 3 magazine and I am going into a lot more detail on how exactly this model was created.

In addition, I am talking about my approach and philosophy when creating highpoly meshes. Mastering the techniques in this video will make you a faster and more efficient artist and will give you a clear understanding on how to model complex hardsurface shapes.

I recommend that you download and watch the hardsurface basics 01-03 videos from my gumroad before watching this tutorial

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