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Cute Stylized Pink Blue Purple Ant Fully Rigged

This charming 3D model is the perfect way to liven up any project! Introducing the Cute Stylized Pink/Blue/Purple Ant 3D model! This definitely isn't your average everyday ant. This one has been given a bright and colorful makeover, making it perfect for use in any fun and vibrant project.

  1. Fully rigged low poly mesh (including face) and textures. (Ready for Mixamo Animations)

  2. Textures pack includes - Base maps consisting of Blue Green and Red (Base Color) - Roughness Map

  3. Rigging of the face is done using the bone system and keyshape

So why not add this unique and charming creature to your 3D modeling arsenal today?

We look forward to your feedback so we can create more assets for YOU!

Technical details:

Number of textures: 3

Polygon count: 13.945

Number of meshes: 8 /Prefabs: 1

Rigging: Yes

Animation count: 1

UV mapping: Yes

Types of materials and texture maps: 6

Material 1 roughness map

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