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100 Scifi Brush | SBSAR | +ColorID

Make your unique Scifi Decal and Alpha

  • You can create infinite outputs from Alpha Map Generator. It is %100 procedural and there is A variety of features included in the Generator so that you can achieve unique results.

  • Generator file is SBSAR file; You can open this file by Substance Player (Substance Player is the native viewer for Substance visualization and available free of charge for use with all Substance tools, including Substance Designer content)

  • Plus a hundered ready outputs.

  • All the maps are tilable and seamless You can create unlimit outputs by using SBSAR generator.

  • You can use these brushes, alpha/height maps for sculpting on:

Spaceship surfaces Scifi surfaces Alien architectures Stylized projects Mechanical projects 3D Walls And various projects by your creativity

  • Usefull in these programs:

ZBrush Blender Substance Painter Substance Designer Quixel 3Dcoat Cinema4D Mudbox

  • Included:

Generator SBSAR file (free software Substance Player file) So you can create unique resaults and create outputs in any size and any format using this file. 100 Height Map (PNG / 16 bit / 2K) 90 Color ID Map (PNG / 8 bit / 2K) 100 Normal Map (PNG / 8 bit / 2K) 100 Opacity Map (PNG / 8 bit / 2K)

  • I'm ready to support. Just please write a review and let me know how can I make it better.

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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