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Villainous Skull

So dastardly in life, not even death could rid him of his evil ways. No surprise with a chin like that!

This stylized, sculpted skull comes in 4 handmade LOD variations in .fbx format, with following triangle counts:

  • LOD0 - 1970 triangles
  • LOD1 - 1216 triangles
  • LOD2 - 678 triangles
  • LOD3 - 284 triangles

Each of them has it's own, very customizable Allegorithmic Substance texture (.sbsar format), featuring the base PBR channels, as well as extra maps like:

  • curvature
  • position (Bsphere),
  • world space normals,
  • material masks (linear grayscale in steps of 0.05)
  • transmissive/subsurface color & strength
  • ambient occlusion

Texture sizes are:

  • LOD0, LOD1 - 2048px
  • LOD2 - 1024px
  • LOD3 - 512px

The different texture graphs all feature the same map types, customization parameters and are preset-compatible between another. You can customize values once and load them up for the other LOD substances.


Having become an industry standard, lots of software like Unreal Engine and Unity have support for Allegorithmic Substance by now, but depending on what you use, there might be the need to install a free plugin to enable customization and feature sets in-engine. A list of available integrations can be found here

You can also use the free Substance Player application available here and export your textures in various file formats after customizing them in there.

I hope you'll have fun with it and let me know about your projects, wishes or feedback!

Thank you, Horst-Peter

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