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Tutorial Clo3d Realistic jean 2H video

This tutorial is a full process of making a jean pant in clo3d,MD and texturing in substance painter and then rendering in clo3d and how i put the light and then render.

youtube preview link

Tutorial Contents:


1 hour modeling tutorial in clo3d with 2x speed

Texturing 1 hour with 2x speed For the texturing part, Substance painter is the right choice, and we start our process in it by baking mesh maps and then i used one of my denim smart materials for the folder of tutorial you can have this one and work with layers and make something cool and i add extra detail on it in the texturing part and brush a little details on

Software Used: clo3d-marvelous designer

Substance Painter

Level: Intermediate Prerequisite Basic knowledge of the software used ( how to navigate and work with primary functions in them )

Attention: the final model and project files don't include this product. Attention: all videos are unnarrated (it means there are no voice-over videos or subtitles)

Release Notes

smart material used in this project incloud the files you can see my keyboard shortcuts in bottom of screen if i use them software versions: clo3d 6.2.2 substance painter 6.2

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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