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Hi all! I'm very happy to present new "Morphing female" asset for UE4! It's just female charachter, which you can use in your games. Videos:, But why this stuff is so wonderfull? - can you ask me... 1. Pretty low poly count (<6500 tris) - mobile friendly! 2. Seven necessary morphs to make your character individal (with UE4 in bones scaling and changing colors in base color channel of material capabilities - there is almost huge amount of character variations). If somebody wants more, please do not hesitate to ask me [email protected]. 3. Three basic heads with rigged eyes. 4. MIXAMO and legacy Unreal's humanoid rig is ready to use(very fast prototyping capabilities) 5. Body and head parts are separated - you can make your own character in seconds (perhaps with lion head - if you have lion's head model, of course) 6. Fully textured in 2k resolution. (don't forget - body and head are different parts). 7. Bikini model included (it is also separate part, and also there is two textures of body with/without nipples are there). 8. That is perfect start to make your own customization system in your game, independently of a genre, I think... 9. There is also files for Maya and Motionbuilder (with setupped rig), to them of customers, who will need it. Unreal's forum topic: Best regards.

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