Princess Bride Character

382 PNG sprites 2048x2048 for a 2D princess character in bride outfits, with facial features, clothes and accessories.

  • source vector AI files (Adobe Illustrator) for everything

Can be used in dress-up/makeover games, visual novels, cards games and anything that's 2D and fashion-related.

The girl character is not animated. Just static sprites. Some items consist of 2 layers (e.g. some hairstyles have a front and a back layer).

Full list of sprites in the package (each comes in 3-10 coloring variations):

body without facial features (1), underwear (1), lips (6), eyes (3), irises (1), cheeks (1), eyebrows (5), earrings (2), hair (5), dress (4), shoes (3), hat (4), gloves (1), bracelet (4+2), necklace (2), girdle (1), cape (2), veil (4), item in hand (4+4)

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