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Weapons & Armor PBR Pack #1

[UPDATED!] 23 of 30 Objects Included! Buy Today, Get All Updates Free!

** Works with ALL versions of Unity! Requires 5.1+ to create maps, but the final product can be used in ANY version. **

Unity Forum Link: PDF & More Information:

Weapons & Armor Pack #1 contains details, realistic medieval Weapons & Armor. Mobile Friendly & Modular, you can mix and match pieces to create brand new Weapons & Armor.

CUSTOMIZE TEXTURES Use sliders to adjust the look & feel of the objects. Easily change colors, add special effects like dirt, mud, blood, ice, snow, moss & more. It's fast and allows you to create any number of looks that perfectly suit your game. Main texture maps are 2048x2048.

Included is a menu command to export all the texture maps & assign them to a new Standard Shader material. Create as many look you want and have them automatically added to standard materials!

POLYCOUNT We provide 6 LODs from High Poly (good for cinematics) to Low Poly (great for mobile), ranging from up to 10,000 to under 100.

LODGroups are already set up for smooth, almost imperceptible transitions between LODs.

PBR Objects use real PBR values, not half-baked or made up PBR. We start out with real world materials and you can adjust from there. Maps included: Diffuse | Normal | Roughness | Metallic | Height | Ambient Occlusion

LEGACY SHADERS Don’t be fooled by the “requires Unity 5” message! The textures our system exports work with legacy shaders the same way any other character you already have does. You’ll need Unity 5 to set up the textures, but once exported, you can bring them in to ANY Unity version and they’ll work.

TEXTURES Comes with two pre-made base textures (a "new" and "damaged" version for each object). Use sliders to adjust the colors, roughness of various sections. Use sliders to add environment FX like Dirt, Snow, Grunge & more.

Includes a "Metal", "Wood" & "Leather" material creator, which allows you to customize base materials to be used on the Objects to customize them even further.

KEY FEATURES * Modular models allow you to mix & match parts. * Massively customizable texturing allows you to change every bit of the look & feel. * Run-Time materials allow for in-game changes like Texture Blending & Directional Blood. * "New" and "Damaged" default textures allow the weapons to match any environment they're in, from a shop to a dungeon & more.

There are 23 Objects right now. We price the package at just $2 per object. As we add more, the price will go up. If you buy now, you'll get all the updates for FREE!

Check out more info & all of our models at

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