100 Handcrafted Seamless 4K Imperfection Maps Pack

Perfect for surface imperfections, specular or roughness maps for your PBR or procedural 3D material workflow. All images tile perfectly without seams so they always have you covered.

Use them as grungy overlays for your designs and videos, or add some extra texture to your illustrations. Blend textures in your favorite image software or mix together in your node based material editor.

Plug these 4K maps into your specular or roughness channel in your material to give your models unique surface imperfections, use as a bump map, or as a mask to blend two materials together.

All scanned in high resolution, or hand painted to give you diverse grey-scale maps. Game and Render Ready

Categories Included *Paint *Concrete *Fiber *Metal *Dust *Smudges *Fabric *Flooring *Foam *Greeble *Grunge *Plastic *Paper *Rock *Rubber *Scratches *Splatter *Tiles *Tech *and Many More

Single User, If you are part of a studio I have a license available for studios.

For use in Personal AND Commercial Projects. Just do not repackage unaltered textures in a photo or image pack without heavy modification.

Images can be altered and embedded in final assets and products, just don't put them in a texture resource pack.

Basic license is a single seat, Commercial license is unlimited seats.

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You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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