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Procreate Cray Cray Brush Pack

Kid Inspired Art Fun

Crayons were almost every child's introduction to art. If you’ve ever tried to draw with crayons, you know it’s no easy task. They’re hard, waxy, dull, don’t blend well and look pretty grainy. But what makes them challenging is what also makes them charming.

I’ve tried to replicate that look digitally for you to try out on your creations. These are a blast and can work really well with other packs to add interesting textures, and variety to your work. Better yet, hand that iPad off to a child and let them make their own masterpiece!

13 Brushes Included in this set: - Capt. Waxy: Colored Pencil - Marky Don't Mark: Felt Tip Marker - Brud Draws Roller: Roll Brush - Legit Cray: Crayon - Cray Cray: Crayon - Cray Flakes: Crayon Stipple Brush - Cray Grain: Grainy Crayon - Cray Grit: Grainy Crayon - Lil' Softy: Soft Crayon - Turf Chalk: Street Chalk - Thumb & Smudge: Textured Brush and Smudge Brush - My First Oil Brush: Kid-Safe Oil Brush - Wendy Washy: Watercolor Brush - 13-Page Brush and Install Guide - 24-Nontoxic Crayon Color Palette - Free lifetime updates

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