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Blue Whale Model

Blue Whale low-poly 3d model rigged animated ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.

A high detail blue whale model, perfect for a submarine game or just to liven up the seas of your game or animation. Rigged and animated with 2 main animations plus 4 maneuvering poses, designed to be used as additive animations for turning or diving. It also has materials, and high restitution defuse, secular, height, ambient occlusion and normal maps.

Model details 1 animated and rigged whale model

Poly/Verts 9,200 / 9,249

Rig 33 Bones 2 curves

Animations Swimming Idle Static Poses for turning and diving: (can be used as additives to the other animations) Turn Up Turn Down Turn Right Turn Left

Textures (40964096, 20482048) Diffuse Normal Displacement Ambient Occlusion Secular WhaleDMAO_SM = Displacement map (R), Ambient Occlusion (G), Secular (B)

Model Formats blend FBX 3Ds OBJ

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