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60 IMM stitch and seam brushes for ZBrush

What's this and what's inside? Low poly brushes (so don't forget to use it in Dynamic mode by pressing letter D)!

60 IMM brushes that you can use to detail your clothing, bags, furniture or in many other places and ways. It is going to give you rich amount of unique options to use and also you can make even more variations by tweaking it via Brush and Stroke menus. To learn that just watch the video below. This kit comes in the following variations:

Single stitches - 3 Double stitches - 10 Triple stitches - 9 Four stitches - 10 Alternate stitches - 10 Pattern stitches - 10 Zip-like stitches - 2 Bonus Stitches - 6 Works only with the new versions of ZBrush. Be sure to have the version after ZBrush 2021.5.

Follow the video tutorial to learn how to set up into ZBrush brush palette or into Lightbox brushes permanently or just to use it for once. In the video you will be able to learn how to work with the brushes efficiently:

It was planned to be 54, but I searched via google for other stitch options in other languages, specifically Russian and found little more. So I added 6 more brushes as a bonus.

You can reach me via email or Cubebrush messaging for suggestions, help or for anything else you need.

Hope you will find it useful, handy and helpful! Thanks for downloading!


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