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Churchill Mk. VII A22F- WW2 British Heavy Tank

The Churchill Mk. VII is one of the most important improvements of the Churchill tank line. The tank is a modification of the Churchill A22 (Mk. IV), with a heavier armor and a 75mm gun, also the tank had two Besa machineguns like secondary armament. The chassis of the tank was wide and the scape hatches in the sides were changed to a circular design. The churchill VII entered in service during the normandy battle in the france invasion and stayed in service until 1952, some variations of the tank continued in the brithish army like engineering vehicles. The churchill tanks were one of the most versatiles of the second world war, playing main battle tank roles, infantry support and logistic vehicles. The model was made by using blender and textured in substance painter, counts with 231924 polygons and 17 material textures. Can be exported to .OBJ .FBX .STL and other formats.

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