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Stylized Eye Designer v1.0

Stylized Eye Designer is a Substance tool designed to make the creation of stylistic eyes fast and easy. It can be utilized by both 3d and 2d artists. It includes: .sbs, and .sbsar files, a 3d eye model in FBXformat, and pre-baked examples.

The package also comes with a preset file with corresponding numbers to the preset images that can be used inside the Substance Player app for ease of use. The basic eye model is split into cornea and eye for easy 3d re-construction. You can also project the reflections onto the diffuse if you wish to have a single unlit texture for your eye.

There are many tweaks exposed to the end user, composed into three main groups. "Reflections" controls anything reflected on the cornea. Perimeters like scale, style, and rotation are available along with a custom input function if you wish to use your own mask. "Design" changes the elements of the eye and lens, pupil style (also with custom image input) size, and lens coloring are a few control options. "Color" will change anything evolving color, aside from the standard hue sat, lum, tweaks, there are 15 different color profiles to choose from via slider.

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