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Low Poly Africa Animal Collection - Animated

10 Africa Animals:

1/ Low poly Elephant Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 2500 Vertices: 1300

Animation inclue: walk, run, jump, eating, rest, sleep etc...

2/ Low poly Fox Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 2700 Vertices: 1400

Animation inclue: walk, run, jump, eating, rest, sleep etc...

3/ Low poly Realistic Crocodile Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 4300 Vertices: 2100

Animation inclue: bite high, bite low, death, get hit, run, run bite, swim, walk, walk bite.

4/ ow poly Rhinoceros Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 1900 Vertices: 966

Animation inclue: death, get hit, hit attack, Idle breath, Idle eat, run, walk, walk hit attack, simple attack.

5/ Low poly Zebra Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 2100 Vertices: 1100

Animation inclue: death, get hit, idle breathe, idle eat, idle look around, trot, run, walk, walk eat.

6/ Low poly Stag Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 2300 Vertices: 1100

Animation inclue: death, run, walk, get hit, horn attack.... etc;

7/ Low poly Boar Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 2200 Vertices: 1100

Animation inclue: Attack 1 - 2 - 3, Death, Get hit, Idle, Run, Walk.

8/ Low poly Rabbit Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 866 Vertices: 445

Basic Animations: Idle, run, little move, hop, death.

9/ Low poly Bear Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 2900 Vertices: 1500

Basic Animations: walk, run death, get hit, punch, punchfrontal, paralysed... ect;

10/ Low poly Wolf Animated - Game Ready Polygons: 2600 Vertices: 1300

Basic Animations: Run, walk, Death, Attack, Idle... etc;

Texture: PNG format, Size: 2048*2048. Full PBR maps: DIFF, NRM, DISP, SPEC, AO.

Include UV map layer.

PBR Yes The model is using PBR materials. It has at least 1 texture in microsurface channels (roughness or glossiness)

All cycle motion, very smooth - Ready import to your game of film project!

If there is a need for any type of model, send a message! We will provide. Thanks for your interest and love!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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