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Fish Collection Animated - Game Ready Pack 2

Low poly Fish Collection Animated - Game Ready Pack 2 Include 20 Fish types:

  1. Coral Grouper Fish
  2. Corvina Fish
  3. Cubera Snapper Fish
  4. Cuttle Fish
  5. Discus Fish
  6. Dolphin Fish
  7. Duck Brid
  8. Electric Cat Fish
  9. Emperor Angel Fish
  10. Fangtooth Fish
  11. Frontosa Fish
  12. Giant Sea Bass Fish
  13. Goliath Grouper Fish
  14. Great White Shark Fish
  15. Green Turtle
  16. Leopard Seal
  17. Lion Fish
  18. Longear Sunfish
  19. Moorish Idol Fish

20. Blue Tang Fish

Model Description: Low poly, suitable for all types of projects (games or movies) and compatible for both mobile game projects.

Modifier Turbosmooth presever. Easy upgrade or reduce mesh to render, or visual reality project!

Format description:

Original model created by 3dsmax. Additional formats include Maya, FBX (you can import directly into the project immediately), obj, 3ds


3 anims: swim slow, swim fast, eat.

Texture: PNG format, Size: 10241024 and 20482048. Full PBR maps: Diffuse, Normal, Displayment, Spec, Glossiness, Occlusion.

Include UV map layer.

If there is a need for any type of model, send a message! We will provide. Thanks for your interest and love!

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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