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How To Draw - Perspective and Backgrounds

Do you ever struggle with backgrounds and perspective?

Maybe you're not completely sure how or where to start? Your fundamentals are shaky, and could really use some instruction. Or you admire a well drawn scene, and wish you could capture that skill.

If that's you, Ed Foychuk's new course "How To Draw Comics | Perspective and Backgrounds" might just be just what you need to help you solve those s obstacles once and for all.

When it comes to drawing characters in comic books, animation, story boarding or concept design, understanding backgrounds is critical to drawing scenes that look accurate.

Every shape, every structure, every part of the scene is deserving of accuracy. Sure, you can bend and break rules at times, but you have to KNOW them before you do that.

It's tough, to say the least. But learning it is essential to mastering your illustration skills.

If you can hack the intricate, underlying rules that govern perspective and backgrounds, you'll be able to produce pieces that can convey any message you want to bring across. And story you need to be told.

Imagine, not being afraid of backgrounds, but actually ENJOYING them!

That's what this course aims to give you in 22 lessons, spanning over 6 and a half hours of intensive Perspective training. When you get this course you'll watch example after example as to how each stage is deconstructed, then reconstructed.

Each demonstration is specifically designed for you to follow along with, with easy to follow steps that clearly show you how to give the basic foundations for your background construction..

How To Draw Comics | Perspective and Backgrounds covers:

1 Point Perspective

2 Point Perspective

3 Point Perspective

4 Point Perspective

5 Point Perspective

Changing Vanishing Points and Varying Horizon Lines

Digital Tips and Tricks

Basic Background Rules

and many Bonus Units

Perspective and backgrounds is often an area that many artists overlook. It's one they think they can skip over... until they realize they can't. So whether you're a beginner, or further along on your artistic path, if you're looking to improve your craft, this is the course for you.

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