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North Vietnam Flag

The 3D model of the official national flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (also called North Vietnam) from 1945 to 1976. The model includes 3 materials for clean version, dirty version and bloody version.All colored parts are seamed and many details as folds and wrinkles around all seams to get the most realistic fabric effect.

This flag represents the historical one used by the national independence coalition called Việt Minh during the Vietnam War against USA.

This model is ideal to use in any 3D scenes in games or for movie by using subdivision surface to get more smooth lines.

The 3D model is ready for game and low poly using. All materials are ready for PBR rendering.

Originally created with Blender 2.80 and rendered with Eevee.

Low poly model


Objects : 6 Polygons : 2484 Subdivision ready : Yes Render engine : Eevee (Cycles ready) ANIMATED ASSET

Objects : 1 Polygons : 36 Materials : 3 LODs : No ANIMATIONS

Rigged : Yes (including armature and bones, no physics animations) Actions : 2 (Simple in 138 frames - Natural in 575 frames) Loop : Yes STATIC ASSETS

Objects : 5 Polygons : 144 or 576 Materials : 3 (sames as the animated version) LODs : Yes Number of LODs : 2 EXPORTED FORMATS

FBX Collada OBJ (No animated) GLTF TEXTURES

Materials in scene : 3 Textures sizes : 2K Textures types : Diffuse, Metallic, Roughness, Normal (DirectX & OpenGL), Heigh and AO Textures format : PNG GENERAL

Real scale : Yes Scene objects are organized by groups ADDITIONAL NOTES

File formats do not include textures. All textures are in a specific folder named 'Textures'

DISCLAIMER : This model has nothing to do with any military, political or ideological regime. This flag's model is a copy of the historic one and represents only the visual aspect, without any political background. The models are not intended to promote hatred, violence, whitewash history, revisionism, etc. Any symbols presented on the models are for information purposes only (of the same type as the images in the encyclopedia) and under no circumstances are they used for any other purpose than to underline the aesthetic value of the models.

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