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Tiny Robot Rigged Low-poly 3D model

Robot, Powermarmor, Armored chibi character. This is a quad model. Made in blender 3.4.1 PBR textured with 4k resolution. Rigged with Rigify, corrected weight paint for automatic weights.

Files provided:

1) Blender (.blend) 2) FBX 3) obj 4) textures (zip) 5) all files (zip)

Its madeup of 16 loose parts, all parts can be considered single entity since it shares single Uv-map as well as single set of 5 pbr texture of 4096 X 4096 resolution with one material. Those are BaseColor, Roughness, Metallic, Height, and Normal(open-gl) all in 4k. Model is 1.25m in height.

Base Model Data[without applying sub-division and bevel modifiers]:

verts -> 10692 on 0th sub-d and without bevel faces -> 10256 on 0th sub-d and without bevel

Final rendered Model Data, All images on its preview are on 1st sub Division and 2-segmented bevel:

verts -> 80991 on 1st sub-d and 2 segment bevel faces -> 80105 on 1st sub-d and 2 segment bevel

Note: Since I used bevelled model for baking texture you should keep 2nd lvl bevel. and with that bevel and first sub Division level, model would go upto 80,105 faces and 80,991 verts. Modifiers are in blender file intact.

If you need something, contact me. Checkout my other models and come again I aim to upload regularly. Thanks for visiting. ~ Kiran.

You will get 5 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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