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Skyjack Lift Scissor Platform

This is a powered scissor lift platform, that goes up and down. It's fully rigged with bones and can be animated to adjust to any height. I also rigged the wheels to spin and turn. The control box is also fully rigged and accurate. It is highly detailed and was meant to be inspected up close for First Person games. Also included is a Unity package that can be imported to any Unity 5+ project.

The model comes with a diffuse + normal + specular / gloss texture. Each texture is 4096x4096. The texture was based off actual photos of a scissor lift.

The model comes with 4 different LOD levels LOD0 = 10153 triangles LOD1 = 6104 triangles LOD2 = 2693 triangles LOD3 = 1181 triangles

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