Game ready

Mercedes Benz CLA45 (sports coupe)

This is a highly detailed car suitable for 3rd person racing games. It is made up of 7,734 triangles (4278 vertices). I've also included 3 seperate LOD versions of the model.

LOD1 has 4293 triangles (2475 vertices) LOD2 has 2409 triangles (1418 vertices) LOD3 has 280 triangles (209 vertices)

The car comes with three separate materials: 1) Main body (diffuse / normal / gloss map) 2) Windows (diffuse / alpha) 3) Rims (diffuse / normal)

I've also included 3 different skin variations for the main body as well as an extremely lowpoly mesh to be used as a physics collider (in game engines such as Unity / Unreal ).

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