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Introduction: Raven is a UI skin created for MOBA Games for PC.

Details & Things to Know: The UI is set for 1920x1080 resolution and it's sliced images in PNG for the same. Should a developer need higher resolution element, it is possible to resize each element in this project using the provided PSDs and Photoshop CS4 and above with Smart Object support, utilizing the Ctrl+T function. Note that the elements are Smart Objects, which means they can be scaled without loss of quality, should they not go beyond their original size i.e. an element might be 40x40 on it's Layer, but in the Smart Object it's original size is 400x400, so you can safely resize it to 390x390 without loss of quality and slice that and export it.

Requirements: This project contains only graphics and no code. As such you are required to have moderate Photoshop skills and knowledge if you wish to edit and customize the graphics. As well as a copy of Photoshop CS4 and above to access the PSDs, which are crucial if you want to use this project for your game effectively. It is highly recommended that you learn what Smart Objects are and how to utilize them.

List of Elements: Apart from the ones in the screenshots, there are a few more elements.

  • 11 Main PSDs (UI)
  • 5 Created Resources PSDs (Icons, Portraits, Abilities, Items)
  • PNG Sliced Files
  • Fonts
  • Documentation/Slice Guides

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