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Layer Factory

Layer Factory is a collection of tools for Adobe Photoshop, designed to enhance and speed up different tasks related to creating, modifying, and working with layers.

Create new layers with blending modes of your choice, create new adjustment layers, layers from selection, symmetrify layers, move selection of several layers simultaneously, convert opacity to layer mask: it’s Layer Factory! Every panel module can be temporarily hidden to make sure you only see the tools you use on the panel.

[1.2.1 update]

1.2.0 update.

1.1.0 update:

  • a new Match Color module: it's like a Photoshop Match Color command but it automatically uses a selection (or a merged copy of a document if there's no selectionm or a bottom layer if two laeyrs are selected) as a source — no more wasting time looking for a correct layer to match;
  • Add to / Subtract from Mask: add or subtract selected area from layer or a parent group mask;
  • Merge Unclipped: merging layers with clipping masks? This function does that;
  • Right Mouse Button click on Adjustments in the Adjustment Layers module will run this adjustment instead of creating an adjustment layers for quick modifications;

All the functions are explained in the panel manual.

Both Windows and Mac (Intel) are supported.

⚠️ Layer Factory requires Photoshop CC: from version 2015 to the newest. M1 Macs currently aren't supported. ⚠️

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