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Scriptorator for Photoshop!

Scriptorator is a free collection of scripts that I use in my workflow all the time (and obviously some of them will be useless for people with different worflows). Most of these scripts are extended or automatised versions of existing Photoshop functions. If you feel there’s something should be added here or have a request for a script, just let me know!

Both Windows and Mac (Intel) are supported.

⚠️ Scriptorator requires Photoshop CC: from version 2015 to the newest. M1 Macs currently aren't supported. ⚠️

New in 1.4:

  • new scripts: Change Text Layer Alignment, ID Pass to Layers, Create Custom Shape from Document/Selection
  • scripts are now correctly copied to Photoshop 2020 folder using the native installers
  • native installers will remove Read Only flag from Scripts folder: duplicating and removing scripts is much easier now

New in 1.3:

  • a new script: Set Brush Flow: similar to set brush opacity and others from this category;
  • it's now possible to set keyboard shortcuts directly from the Scriptorator Settings window — this will make setting shortcuts much easier;

New 4 script in 1.2:

  • Set Brush Roundness: you guessed it, this sets brush roundness;
  • Set Brush Hardness: the same but for brush hardness;
  • Break a Paragraph to Lines: creates a separate layer for every line break of a text layer. This is useful when you're applying size-depending styles (like gradient) or want to move or rotate lines separately;
  • Transform Layers by a Path: help with precise scaling and rotating layers. Imagine you have two layers of a different scale and you want to align them. Simply make one or two guide paths to define one or two points of reference and the layer will enter free transform modal with an adjusted pivot points and scale; Check the manual to see them in action!

Info on all the scripts is available in the manual.

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