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Brusherator for Photoshop CC+! Brushes! Actions!

What is Brusherator?

In several words, it is a Photoshop panel that allows you to have brush and tool presets, actions and scripts on it.

In further detail, Brusherator is a system of several panels and scripts that will allow you to work with high efficiency and speed. It’s not a brush manager for you instruments that will spit all the tools you have to you, but rather like a highly customisable surgeon table when you have all the tools you need for particular task in the right places. And you can have several tables for different tasks. And also you can switch between them in a press of the button.

How cool is that?


Both Windows and Mac (Intel) are supported.

⚠️ Brusherator requires Photoshop CC: from version CC to the newest. M1 Macs currently aren't supported. ⚠️

  • What's new in 1.8.0?
  • Tags and Tags Manager for buttons;
  • Option to Select from Groups when adding Brush Presets;
  • New setting: Show Buttons Tooltips;
  • Brusherator History: new Tool Override setting;
  • New embossed buttons look;
  • Changed: Actions are no longer exported with a shelf: this was causing freezes for some cases. Actions should be exported manually now.
  • Some missing tools and menu items were added to Add from Menu items section (Curvature Pen, Select Object);
  • Bugfixes;

  • What's new in 1.7.2?

  • scripts are now correctly copied to Photoshop 2020 folder using the native installers

  • new Temporary Tool button in the bottom menu — a place to keep a tool you only need for one or two uses

  • some bug fixes

  • What's new in 1.7.1? Bug fixes! 🎉

  • What's new in 1.7.0?

  • It's possible to change Data Folder location to a different folder (i.e. for syncing) using the Open Data Folder Options... command from the Flyout Menu;

  • New Mute Panel Colors setting and script to toggle panel buttons background color on and off;

  • You can sort Brusherator History list by dragging the tools: useful to sort favorites and put specific brushes to specific slots (and assign them to hotkeys!);

  • Number of assignable slots on Brusherator History was increased to 10;

  • Scripts that aren't part of Toggletator and Scriptorator have a Reveal Location button in the Edit Button window;

  • Fixed: Using the Select previous/next brush functions (,/. keys by default) was resulting in empty items in Brusherator History;

  • Some other small fixes and improvements;

  • What's new in 1.6.0?

  • Assign hotkeys to main Brusherator functions — like toggling the panel and toggling alternative — directly from the panel: there's a new Assign Shortcuts flyout menu item;

  • export all shelves in one go from Manage Shelves menu;

  • there's a new setting 'Preserve Brush Settings' (CC2015.5+). When it's enabled, Shift+Click on a Brusherator button with a preset will inherit some of the settings of the current tool: opacity, blending mode of a brush and eraser; wetness, load and mix of a mixer brush, flow for them both, strength for a smudge tool;

  • What's new in 1.5.3? More bugfixes!

  • What's new in 1.5.2? Mostly bugfixes.

  • What's new in 1.5.1? Add brushes faster with 'Create Preview' option turned off by default and create the previews later. When adding multiple buttons, name them in Add Button window.

  • What's new in 1.5? Add brushes and tools by clicking on them using the "Add from History or Selected" command, better integration with scripts, "Add Menu Item" command now includes commands from panels flyout menus, shelves export / import was rewritten, add custom titles to buttons using the new "Item Title" in the Edit Button window.

  • What's new in 1.4.1? Add favourite items from History to Brusherator in one click, additional Brusherator panel, some new features for Preview panel, labels can be thumbnails, manual updated... Video:

  • What's new in 1.4? Tons of stuff: add Photoshop menu items, better performance, Brusherator History panel that shows all previously selected brushes — mark some as favourites and assign shortcuts for quick access. Video about 1.4 update:


You'll get a zip with zxp installer, installation instruction and files for manual installation.

Follow me on youtube for more updates!

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