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Builder Archie

Builder Archie is a 3D Character Rigged in Low Poly resolution with High Quality Textures in PBR system. Designed as cartoon model of...

Builder Archie

Builder Archie is a 3D Character Rigged in Low Poly resolution with High Quality Textures in PBR system. Designed as cartoon model of a builder, this character was created to be animated in Maya, with advanced manipulators and face controls very versatile to create complex face expressions, also has a Visemes control box with 15 letters to create visemes easily. The Character could be used with very good performance in Movies or Games. In addition the package include poses, selections sets and animations saved in freee plugin Studio Library, to be used in Maya, including visemes, face expressions, body poses and face poses.


The rig was created with Advanced Skeleton. Face rig and Blendshapes with face controls for each one, exclusive of LA24 3D Factory. Were exported two different rig, one as Advanced Skeleton and another one as Unreal Engine Mannequin compatible

Advanced Skeleton Rig Unreal Engine Mannequin Skeleton Rig Advanced and Full Controls Manipulators Advanced Full Face Controls Controls box Visemes with 15 letters, compatible with Studio Library package of LA24 Rig folder contain the main rigging and all rigging features like reference files.


Low Poly mesh UV map unwrapped


All the textures are 4K and PBR System Include for each material: Main Color, Roughness, AO, Normal, Metal and Specular.

6 Shirt Texture 5 Pants Textures 3 Helmet Textures 1 shoes pair Texture 1 Body 1 Accessories Texture Unreal Package

Two characters imported one as AdvSk and another one as UE skeleton. All the materials instance were created using an advanced material from LA24 Factory. All the materials were created for each textures. The two characters are textured. Also is included a sequence and a Map where was made the preview video. In the content folder you will find the animations of visemes and also mixmao animations imported on the skeleton character.


Maya files are the native files and contains all the features needed to make the animations or edit the mesh. Also there are a fbx folder with fbx_master files and animations files. All the textures are saved as .png

I hope you can enjoy it. If you have any questions about these assets, or If you want to make another character, or if you need another mesh design, I can do it for you, bringing your model or your concept to the life.

I can do the same rig and controls for any character so if you need some character, feel free to contact me.

I propose you responsibility and professionalism.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me. I am easily accessible online for any consultations.

Thanks !!



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