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The Perfect Oils for Procreate: 65 brushes

First Month Discount!

$16 instead of $23 for the Basic (Personal) License (for a single user)
$38 instead of $56 for the Studio (Collective) License...

First Month Discount!

$16 instead of $23 for the Basic (Personal) License (for a single user)
$38 instead of $56 for the Studio (Collective) License (for groups and studios)

The set of Procreate brushes for oil painting at all stages and a variety of manners, with an impasto effect and a lively feeling of oil paint both in the process and as a result. Excellent for plein-air and from-nature etudes, color sketches, and long-term serious artworks and illustrations.

The set also work in Procreate Pocket for iPhone, however all the features can be fully disclosed by using pressure sensitivity, as it's available on the iPad.

Please, Attention! This product is NOT released under the GPL (General Public License) or any of its variations. If you find it on the market selling with such a license, it means that this product is distributed there illegally: it is stolen or redistributed illicitly without the author's knowledge.

The set contains:

  • 5 PreDRAWING brushes: for preliminary marking and drawing like charcoal on canvas;
  • 11 On-CANVAS brushes: for imprimatur, underpaintings, and canvas-grained paint strokes;
  • 6 RELIEVO brushes: for textural relief areas and brush strokes;
  • 6 MASTICHINO brushes: imitation of techniques of working with a palette knife;
  • 14 VOLUMES brushes: the variety of brushes for the main scope of painting work;
  • 13 IMPASTO brushes: for even more bumped and textured painting;
  • 5 EXPRESSIVE brushes: additional set for spectacular painted performance;
  • 5 DETAILING brushes: for maximum processing of even the smallest details;
    65 brushes in total

You receive:

1. Perfect OILS by Eldar.brushset, the main file with 65 Procreate brushes in the set;

2. The Perfect Oils for Procreate. Basic Info and Hints.pdf. Several main working hints and the Tutorial how to get additional impasto (embossed paint strokes) effect on a layer or final image.

3. The pair of the high-resolution images showing samples of work using the set with the brushes specified (shown resized in the set presentation).

Copyright and Terms:

  • Instant download: Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed.
  • ❗️ Please note: there are versions of this brush set for Photoshop and Procreate. You are looking through the PROCREATE version page. Please be sure that you are buying the right one. I do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.
  • This product can be used in an unlimited number of personal and commercial works.
  • ❗️ Cannot be resold, shared, or provided to the third persons entirely and partially.

How to install the brushes:

  • Tap the downloaded Perfect OILS by Eldar.brushset file in your iPad 'FILES' application to launch it. It automatically opens Procreate, and the imported set with the same title will appear on the top of the brush category list. or:
  • Go to the brushes list in Procreate and tap the "+" sign in the top, right to the "Brush Library" title, then choose 'Import' at the top of the Brush Studio window.
  • Then specify the file with the downloaded brush set (Perfect OILS by Eldar.brushset).
  • Voila! The folder with the set named “Perfect OILS 🟠” will appear at the top of the brush category list.
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