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Publishing a Children's Book on Amazon!-Vol#1 & #2

-Learn How to Publish Any Kind of Book!! (Not just Kid's Books!!)

-How to Books, Romance/Science Fiction, Sports/Exercise Books, Nutrition, Cook Books, Coloring Books, Comic Books...etc!!

-You Just Need to Learn the Information in this Detailed Course to Easily Pass Amazon & Kindle's Approval Process!!

-No Book Publishing Experience Necessary!!

-Dust off All those Old Book Manuscipts & Story Ideas Collecting Dust on your Shelves or Computer Hard Drive!!

-You DO NOT NEED a Literary Agent or Manager to Publish Your Book for Free on Amazon & Kindle!!

-You Just Need to Follow the Amazon/Kindle Submission Guidlines provided in this Highly Detailed Course!!

-Learn How to Get Published on Amazon/Kindle Online Store within 24 to 72 hours!!

-Learn How the Painful Traditional Book Publishing rules have changed with New Print On Demand Technology!!

-Get those Old Book Manuscripts that were rejected by other Book Publishers accepted and into the Amazon/Kindle Store for Sale!!

-Being an Internationally Published Book Author Can Open More Doors for your Business and can be used in Promoting You Other Products/Services!!

Course Topics:

1) Submission Process- How Not to get Rejected

2) How to Render 3D Images of your Paperback Book & EBooks

3) How to Use 2D Photo Editing Software to Prepare your Images (eg. Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, and even Free 2D Photo Editing Packages like Gimp Photo software!!

4) Book Interior Format Guidelines:

a) Trim Size (Page Size) Set-Up

b) Margins (How to Keep Text/Images in Correct Position on Pages)

c) Gutter (How far to Keep Your Text/Images from Spine due to Page Count

d) Page Organization (Important Guideline Topics in this one)

e) Page Count (Minimum and Maximums)

f) Paper Types (How to Print in Color or Black & White)

g) Choosing Book Titles

h) Keyword Input for Amazon/Kindle's Search Engine

i) Choosing a Price for your Book

j) Half Title Page

k) Full Title Page

l) How to Get a FREE ISBN Number (Bar Code) for your Book!!

m) Preface or Forward (Front of Book)

n) Pages with "Bleed" or "No Bleed"- Set-Up Process

o) Using Word Processing Programs like Microsoft Word/Indesign for page Creation (Learn the Basics Required to Make a Book)

p) How to Properly Export your Books Pages to PDF Format for Submission

q) How to Embed Fonts in Your PDF Files (Very Important Topic!!)

r) How to Use PDF Creation Software like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for PDF Creation and Editing!!

s) Tips for Using 3D Software to Make Quick Images for your Children's Book!!

t) Fonts & Font Issues (Common Mistakes to Avoid)

5) Cover Design Format Guidlines:

a) Cover Size -Choosing a Proper Size for Your Book

b) Page Count- How it affects your Book Cover

c) Spine Width (How to Calculate)

d) Paper-Type Thickness

e) Cover Style (Glossy or Non-Glossy)

f) Cover-Size Calculations (Manual)

g) Cover-Size Calculations (Using Online Templates)

h) Cover-Template Trick (Incremants of 10 Variable)

i) Bleed Size Calculations (Extremely Important for Submission)

j) Image File Formats for Submitting your Book Cover

k) How to Create One File Image that Contains (Front/Back Cover, Spine, and Bleed)- Super Important Skill to Learn!!

Bonus Content:

1) Where to Get FREE Software if you are on a Budget!!

2) Links to Free Word Processing Software, Free PDF Creation Software, Free 3D Software, Free 2D Photo-Editing/Painting Software, Free Photo-to-Cartoon Software, Free Backgound Remover Software, and More!!

3) Free Ways to Market your Book!! Using Facebook/Social Media, Youtube, Mailing Lists, Free Blogs, Your Own Website and More!!

Many Months went into Researching and Compiling the Information in this Course and Now You will have Access to all of it in One Easy to Find Place!!

-Don't Spend Weeks or Even Months Trying to Find What You Need to start Making Books!!

-I've Done All the Work and Research for You!! Get Started Today!!

-Learn from Someone who has been through both Traditional Book Publishing and Modern Print On-Demand Book Publishing!!

-Learn the Benefits and the Joy of Self-Publishing your own Books!!

-You have Full-Control and Ownership Over your Content and will never have to deal with a bunch of Book Editors or Company Owners changing your vision of your book!!

-Also Remember that a Lot of Books have turned into Movies and TV Series when they got popular!! Make your Movie/TV Script ideas into a book first to start the process!!

*See Table of Contents below:

Amazon Book Publishing Course & Kindle EBook Course

(Plus Massive Bonus Content Sections)

-Get Started Now!!

Table of Contents- Volume #1

Chapter # 1- Introduction

Chapter # 2- Submission: Paperback Details (Part One)

Chapter # 3- Submission: Paperback Details (Part Two)

Chapter # 4- Uploading a Manuscript Cover (Part Three)

Chapter # 5- Setting Up your Book Price and Royalties (Part Four)

Chapter # 6- Paperback and EBook Live on Amazon Store (Part Five)

Chapter # 7- Author Central Profile Page

Chapter # 8- Half Title Page & Full Title Page: Creation

Chapter # 9- Copyright & ISBN in the Front of your Book: Creation

Chapter # 10- How to Create the Copyright Symbol

Chapter # 11- Forward, Preface, Thank-You Pages

Chapter # 12- ISBN Number in the Back of your Book

Chapter # 13- Putting Your Book Together in Acrobat DC (Part One)

Chapter # 14- Putting Your Book Together in Acrobat DC (Part Two)

Chapter # 15- Reducing your PDF File Size for Submission (Important)

Chapter # 16- Setting-Up your Book Cover Size in Photoshop

Chapter # 17- Spine Width and Book Cover Calculations

Chapter # 18- How to Create a "How-To" Book in Microsoft Word

Chapter # 19- Final

Running Time (Volume #1)- 4 hrs. 39 mins.

Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels- MP4 Format (.mp4)

Table of Contents- Volume #2

Chapter # 1- Creating and Publishing EBook for Amazon/Kindle Store

Chapter # 2- Avoiding Image Resolution Loss in Word

Chapter # 3- Margins Explained and in Software Packages

Chapter # 4- Margin Grid in Microsoft Word

Chapter # 5- Bleed Introduction

Chapter # 6- PDF Layout Example in Acrobat Pro DC

Chapter # 7- Cover Creation Templates and Setup

Chapter # 8- One Page Spread in Photoshop

Chapter # 9- Double Page Spread in Photoshop

Chapter # 10- Creating Your Full Cover in Photoshop

Chapter # 11- Creating Images with a Tranparency Channel

Chapter # 12- Double Page Spread in InDesign (Book Design Software)

Chapter # 13- Double Page Spread in Scribus (FREE-Book Design Software)

Chapter # 14- Single Page Spread in LightWave 3D or Other 3D Software

Chapter # 15- Double Page Spread in LightWave 3D or Other 3D Software

Chapter # 16- Creating a Cartoon Cel Shade Look in LightWave 3D

Chapter # 17- Creating PNG Images(Images with Transparency) in 3D Software

Chapter # 18- Posing Rigged Characters for Your Book

Chapter # 19- Posing UnRigged Characters for Your Book

Running Time (Volume #2)- Approx.- 8 hrs

Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels- MP4 Format (.mp4)

You will get 39 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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