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RIGGED - 2016 LMS Police - Audi R8 3D model

RIGGED - 2016 LMS Police - Audi R8 3D model

This rigged model is setup and linked correctly ready to animate.

Controls include: - Body Roll - Steering - Wheel Rotation - Independant Suspension - Drift Controls

A simple PDF is included for further detailed instruction on how to properly use this advanced vehicle rig if required.

This model is game ready, with a vehicle poly count of under 100,000. Please note the Police Equipment such as the roof lights, LED's in the front and rear bumpers, interior cameras, laptop as well as the front spot lights are all in seperate layers and groups enabling you the option to use or hide these additions.

Compiled with Quads and Tri's only, no Ngons are on this model. Carbon fibre and car decal materials used are supplied along with the original Vector .AI file allowing easy alterations to the main body without pixelation.

Native file format is .max from 3ds Max 2015 using vRay renderer 3.2. Provided is a “MODEL” file with all paths stripped for error free usage. Another “RIGGED” file is provided with the above textures applied as well as the rig in tact and linked correctly, ready for animation.

Do note that you may need to confirm the path folder for these materials to come across depending on your personal computer setup. Within the .zip is a “materials” folder ready to be applied.

Additional file formats include: - .3ds - .fbx - .obj - .max - .vpb (vred)

Built using 3DS Max 2015, has been tested with earlier versions through to 2010 release to ensure backwards compatibility without error. Setup has been set to use the latest vRay renderer with an included vRay Material Library. Using 3DS Max versions other than 2015 may require slight setup adjustments with lighting or materials dependant upon your standard settings in order to get exactly the same result.

Because of different Disk topology at different computers it might be required to change the textures patches at the destination computer. For this I have included all texture maps as a .psd file ready to be easily altered in any photo-editing software as well as an exported .mat file to import into your own 3DS Max material editor and use as you please.

The police equipment is an additional 140,000 polygons due to the extreme quality all the way to the individual bulbs of the lights. These pieces can be converted to low-poly within 3ds max on your own leisure, or disabled if required for gameplay need, this is to provide you with high quality police equipment for potential cinematic quality.

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