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Modular Sci-Fi Hangars Location

High quality modular Sci-Fi Hangars Location (floor tiles, exterior end interior wall tiles, cliffs, heli pad, props, etc..)

Package contains Unreal Engine project (4.20 engine version), Unity project (5.5.4p4 engine version) also models exported as FBX (2012).

This asset is optimized and hand tweaked. The textures looks amazing and super realistic, tuned for Physically-Based Rendering.

Unreal Engine project contains demo location of hangars and space base facilities.

Triangles count: 78 911 tris

Asset has 29 textures sets both resolutions from 10241024 to 40964096 pixels. Some meshes has coloring masks for tuning their primary colors.

Following textures included : diffuse, normal map, illumination, roughness and metallness maps.

Pivots placed in logic places of geometry.

modular space base level hangar planet landing spaceship prop shooter facility cliff rock barrier antenna spaceport lamppost terrain mars exterior sci fi sci fi

You will get 4 files

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