Walls / Tiles

925+ Stylized Textures

Extreme Textures Сollection - 925+ Stylized Textures with perfectly tileable textures is an extensive collection of textures!

This bundle SAVES you 70% off the regular standalone texture sets. This collection of textures covers all types of surfaces that you need for your project.

This collection contains all kinds of materials you might need for your project. Architecture, bricks, carpet, cliffs, cloth, crystals, decal, desert, dirt, fabric, fabric, flowers, fur, generic wood, grass, gravel, ground, ice, lava, marble, metal, sheets, metals, nature, organic, patterns, pavement, pixel, rocks, roofs, sand, sci-fi, seamless wood, snow, stainless steel, stone, surface, terrain, tiles, walls, water, wood

Features: - 925 Stylized Textures - Included Texture Vol.01-Vol.158 - Mobile/PBR/VR/2D ready - Resolution 2048x2048px - Base Color/Normal/Roughness/Height/Ambient Occlusion - PNG format - Tillable

MEGA benefits: - Halloween Texture Pack (50x stylized textures); - Discord MEGA badge; - 50% Discount (; - Early access to new texture packs and 3d Assets; - Free priority textures request; - Premium support. *To receive these perks, join to discord LowlyPoly or send email

Collection of Textures - LowlyPoly Essential Kit - All-inclusive! - 1200+ Stylized Textures - Megapack - Extreme Texture Collection - 925+ Stylized Textures - Super Texture Collection - 600+ Stylized Textures - Mega Bundle Part 1 - 300+ Hand Painted Textures - Mega Bundle Part 2 - 300+ Ultimate Texture Collection - Mega Bundle Part 3 - 325+ Stylized Textures - Mega Bundle Part 4 - 350+ Stylized Textures Head over to our cubebrush page and explore more great assets!

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