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Taiwan Cities | FREE Photo Reference Pack

600+ high resolution images of Taiwan (Taipei City | Asian Architecture), royalty free. Feel free to use them for painting, as reference, for photobashes, matte painting etc - personal or commercial use. No credit needed. Enjoy!

For Temples and „Chinese style“ architecture, please check out my „Taiwanese Temples“ Collection! All of the photos were shot in Taiwan, mostly in and around Taipei area and the Northern part of Taiwan.

What you will find in this pack: - Cityscapes, big and small - Lots and lots of back alleys: full of balconies, balconettes, AC, potted plants… (I love back alleys!) - Houses and facades, from old & derelict to modern - City vegetation of Taipei (subtropical trees, potted plants..) - Traditional „old streets“ - Bonus: Markets, Night Markets, crammed with food stalls, neon signs and people

Notes: - Images are mostly unprocessed, taken under different weather conditions (from sunshine to heavy fog and rain), so quality varies a bit. - Please use them responsibly. Some of the photographs might contain other tourists, objects/architecture that are still protected by copyright or religious places. Use good judgement and be respectful in these cases, I can’t take any responsibility if you violate another person’s copyright or similar. - Please do not repost, share or sell the images in their unaltered, original form.

You will get 4 files

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