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Traditional Texture Brushes Photoshop & Procreate

64 Custom Brushes for Photoshop and Procreate! Features wet and dry media textures. .abr file for Photoshop (created in Adobe Photoshop CC2019) .brushset for Procreate (brushes optimized in Procreate 5)

2 Voiceover video demos in Photoshop 1h 20min Video of Ocean and Cactus artwork (cover image) 1h 25min Video of Forest with Wild Flowers artwork

3 Hi-Res Artwork Files Hi-Res .jpg file of artwork created in PS tutorial video (Ocean and Cactus) Hi-Res .jpg file of artwork created in PS tutorial video (Forest with Wildflowers)
+Bonus Hi-Res .jpg file of Forest River artwork painted using these brushes. +Brushes guide sheet

Brushes may be used for personal and commercial use.

**Note: These brushes were created in Photoshop and then imported and optimized for Procreate. The Procreate version of this brush set is meant to match the PS version as closely as possible. However, due to differences in the program's brush engine, some of the brushes are slightly different.

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