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Obito Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)


This is a 3D Model of Obito Uchiha, created from the ground up, this model is based on the War Arc version, specifically from the Anime.

It contains 2 posible versions, one for Rigging and the other one 3D Printing. However, this page only contains the Rigged version, if you wish to see or buy the 3D Printable version check out these links to do so.

This model is part of a yearly collection of 3D Fan Characters I'm doing, this is part of Month 1 of said collection, if you want to check out the timelapse of this model or even see the other characters I'll be making, you can do so in my social media!



Rigged Version Features

This version contains the Model, Textures and obviously the rig (duh). Along with some optional things like Textures (Full Body Suit, Torn Suit, Suit Black Face, etc) for the body and Textures for eyes, so you can have your Obito with 2 Kamuis or a Rinnegan and a Kamui.

Other things include his Weapon, Mask, Torn Outfit, more details will be in a PDF of this version.

Terms and Conditions


1 - You're allowed to use this Model for Personal use.


1 - You're not allowed to use this Model Comercially (You don't want Kishimoto to drop a nuke on your head lol)

2 - You're not allowed to resell this Model in any way shape or form.

3 - You're not allowed to redistribute anything inside the content of this Model to any site / place

4 - You're not allowed to use parts of this Model for other things or models, If you wish to modify the existing Model to add or remove things to fit your needs, that is allowed, as long as you respect the first 3 prohibitions

If you use this model for an animation, fan game, render, etc. Please be so kind to credit me as the original author of this particular 3D Model

Specific Terms and Conditions (Rigged Version)

All the other things said in the original Terms and Conditions apply here.


1 - You're allowed to use this in VRChat as a public avatar


If you have any problems with whatever version you bought, you can always hop into my Discord server so I can help you out.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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