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Manga Brush Eye Highlights for Photoshop

Manga Brush EYE HIGHLIGHTS Version 1.0 contains more than 15 organized Eye Highlight Brushes created for Photoshop! This pack is included in the MANGA MEGAPACK of over 1500 Photoshop brushes available on cubebrush here:

To Load: Simply click on the ABR file included in this folder and the brushes should load in Photoshop. You can view them in Photoshop by choosing Window> Brush Presets. This order is eligible for 2.0+ updates and optimization.

To Use: For Highlights, hover selected brush over your drawn eye and adjust size to fit. Stamp once to apply. If outline of brush isn’t on display while hovering, please toggle your caps lock key. Ideally, use the color white for Highlight brushes.

Note: These brushes are not available for resale. As in you can’t sell/share the brushes themselves, but you are welcome to sell any artwork that is made using the brushes, without worry.

Inquiries: We’d love to hear if there are any particular brushes you’d like added to the pack for future versions / updates. Any questions or suggestions can be sent to [email protected]

Tutorials for this Brush pack will be updated on Youtube here:

Brushes can also be viewed here:

Instagram: Artist: @esperstar Music: @pompommusic Product: @mangabrush

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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