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MANGA BRUSH SHONEN PACK Photoshop Comic Screentone

SHONEN MANGA PACK 2.0 includes over 500 Photoshop Brushes, Screentones, and everything offered under the category of "Shounen Manga" for your comic creation! ✧ These all original brushes were developed referencing thousands of comic pages and hundreds of manga. Over 500 Photoshop brushes and patterns! Coupon included to upgrade to the 1500+ MEGAPACK when you are ready! ✧PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES INCLUDED:

✦ Linework (Pens, Markers, Strokes, etc.) ✦ Blood Pack (Splatter, Drip, Drop, etc) ✦ Light FX / Superpower Brushes (Energy Balls, Electricity, Lightning, Fire, Sparks, etc.) ✦ Sparks ✦ Action Lines (Jagged, Aura, etc.) ✦ Scenery (Sky, Buildings, Ocean, Plants, etc.) ✦ Textures for Objects & Environments (Dappled, Splotchy, etc.) ✦ Shapes (Birds, Fish, Hands, Poker, etc.) ✦ Dialogue (Auras, Chat, Speech Bubbles, etc.) ✦ Screentone Brushes (Dotted, Striped, Diamond, etc.) ✦ Screentones (Crosshatch, Grainy, Light Shadows, Dark Shadows, etc.) ✦ Speech Bubbles in English and Japanese text shapes and Bold Thicknesses (Dialogue Bubble Shapes, ✦ Thought Bubble Shapes, Inner Dialogue Shapes, Action and Exclamation, etc)

This order is eligible for further version updates and optimization.

Instructions: Simply download, unzip, and double click the .ABR file to load in Photoshop.

This is a large file. Be sure you have lots of free space on your computer.

Compatible with CS5.5 , CS6, CC and up. Some people have had success on older versions. If you are unsure, you can download the free pack on my storefront page to test here: This pack is included in the MEGAPACK 1500+ This order comes with a big COUPON inside your download for upgrade to the MEGAPACK of 1500+ brushes!

Tutorials: ✦ Tutorials for brush packs will be updated on Youtube here:

Find me on INSTAGRAM: and tag @mangabrush #mangabrush if you wanna show off your manga brush creations!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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