Digital Art

ART School - TERM 4

Art School for Digital Artists is like your typical art school college curriculum, but with better classes and at a fraction of the cost.

  • 💬 Update 11/1/2023 - ENGLISH SUBTITLES!
  • 📜 Update 10/22/2023 - New weekly study schedule

UPGRADE - If you purchased a single Term separately and you'd like to upgrade to the full 10-Term pack instead, simply purchase the full program and the price of the individual term will be automatically deducted at checkout!

I've gathered countless curriculums from traditional art schools all around the world, put together the best part of each and added some key classes you'll need (yet normally won't find) based on my 15+ years of experience in the art industry.

This is Term 4 of ART School

🎨 TERM 4 (8h42m total)

  • Color & Light Theory 1
  • Film & Game Production Overview
  • Anatomy 3

If you'd like to get the complete curriculum and save on the total price, you can get it here.

Please note - This is not a mentorship!

At this point you've probably realized the obvious shortcoming of this digital-only format - the classes being pre-recorded videos, I won't be around to critique your work. This is obviously reflected in the price but I want to make it very clear, just like with all my other tutorials, you can always reach me at any time with questions via private messages or the comments section!


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