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Procedural Masonry Wall PBR Material Vol 01

Hi everyone!

Here is a high-quality Procedural Masonry Wall Material made entirely by Adobe Substance Designer.

This Product includes the SBSAR and SBS files and 4 2K free JPG PBR textures. You can use the PBR Textures for any program that works with PBR workflow!

You can open the SBSAR file in Substances designer-Substance painter-blender-3dsmax or any software that reads SBSAR. You can export the maps with the substance plugin. In the SBSAR and SBS files, you can get different outputs by changing the parameters and making the export in any quality and format you want.

Info about this Product:

You have 12 ready-to-use presets and material moods: Wall color, Brick, Cement, Graffiti wall, etc. 10 different Brick patterns. Base Color, Normal, Height, Roughness, glossiness, Ambient occlusion SBS: substance designer 11.3, SBSAR SBSAR material files for use with substance painter/3dsmax etc. The Material's Blender file.

You will get 1 file

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