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Futuristic Weapons Sounds Pack

408 High quality(96000Hz,24bit) stereo sound effects of Weapons in Futuristic, or steampunk style.
All in one zip file!
Rifles, Submachine Gun, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers.

For each weapon I made several sounds similar to each other, to achieve audio variety while play.
Pack includes:
7 different rifle firing sounds. Each rifle includes: 10 single shot sound files, 2 sound loops and 2 full bursts(0,1 and 0,15 fire rate).
5 different shotgun firing sounds. Each shotgun includes: 10 single shot sound files.
5 different submachine gun firing sounds. Each submachine gun includes: 10 single shot sound files, 1 sound loops and 1 full bursts(0,1 fire rate).
4 different grenade launcher firing sounds. Each grenade launcher includes: 10 single shot sound files.
For rifles and submachine guns: 8 different gun reload sounds, 7 types of clip eject and 7 type of clip insert sounds.
For shotguns: Shell insert sounds for 4 different shotguns, Each includes 4 insert sounds.
1 type of grenade launcher grenade insert sounds, includes 4 insert sounds.
Also, 22 gun sounds: gun handlings, recharges, spin ups, hiss sounds etc.

You will get 1 file

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