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Refrigerator Truck - Game Ready

Game-Ready Refrigerator Truck Vehicle. Comes equipped with interior,exterior, trailer and glass PBR textures.

Multiple file types are also included in the .zip file so you can open this in just about any 3d program or game engine.

The texture files are located in the .zip folder.

Display images were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Normal maps were baked from a high poly model.

Includes the following 3d file types:

Blender 2.90.1



Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Includes the following PBR (Physically Based) texture types (BOTH Metalness and Specular, perfect for Unity, Cryengine and UE4):

4096x4096 exterior diffuse

4096x4096 exterior ambient occlusion

4096x4096 exterior base color

4096x4096 exterior gloss

4096x4096 exterior metalness

4096x4096 exterior normal (-y)

4096x4096 exterior roughness

4096x4096 exterior specular

2048x2048 glass diffuse

2048x2048 glass base color

2048x2048 gloss

2048x2048 metalness

2048x2048 normal (-y)

2048x2048 roughness

2048x2048 specular

4096x4096 interior diffuse

4096x4096 interior ambient occlusion

4096x4096 interior base color

4096x4096 interior gloss

4096x4096 interior metalness

4096x4096 interior normal (-y)

4096x4096 interior roughness

4096x4096 interior specular

4096x4096 back ambient occlusion

4096x4096 back base color

4096x4096 back diffuse

4096x4096 back gloss

4096x4096 back height

4096x4096 back metalness

4096x4096 back normal

4096x4096 back roughness

4096x4096 back specular

Note about textures. The Normal maps are -y, this is fine for directx. If they look flipped, just highlight the green channel in photoshop and hit ctrl+i.

If the roughness and metalness look too shiny in say, UE4, you'll have to make sure they are set to linear. Just double click the texture and uncheck the sRGB box. You can also fix that by combining maps in an image editor like Photoshop.

UV's are mostly flat with a few pieces overlapping where necessary.

Units are Metric.

Game Ready!

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