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Sci-Fi Industrial Crate Collection

Real-Time Sci-Fi Industrial Crate Collection.

Includes the following 3d file types: (use the .fbx file to import into any popular 3d package)

Blender 2.90.1 .FBX .OBJ Marmoset 2 File - (the images you see in the thumbnails are using this file)

Display images were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

Normal maps were baked from a high poly model.

Model has basic Rigging setup, pivots are located in all the right places.

Includes the following 3d file types in each .zip file:

Max 2014 file - (rigged) Maya 2015 file - (rigged) .FBX 2014 - (rigged) (with Quad Geometry) .FBX 2014 - (rigged) (with Tri Geometry) .OBJ 2014 - (not rigged) Marmoset 3 File - (the images you see in the thumbnails are using this file)

Poly / Tri counts for each .zip file:

CrateSquareSmall 2276 Polys 4404 Tris 2248 Verts

CrateSquareMedium 2888 Polys 5604 Tris 5738 Verts

CrateSquareLarge 4720 Polys 9320 Tris 4850 Verts

CrateSquareCylinder_Medium Polys 3552 Tris 6980 Verts 3536

CrateSquareCylinder_Large Polys 9032 Tris 17892 Verts 9098

Each .zip file includes the following PBR texture types (BOTH Metalness and Specular workflows, perfect for Unity, Cryengine and UE4):

4096x4096: Ambient_Occlusion 4096x4096: Normal Map

4096x4096: Diffuse 4096x4096: Gloss 4096x4096: Specular

4096x4096: Base Color 4096x4096: Roughness 4096x4096: Metalness

4096x4096: UV Map

Each Crate .zip file also includes the source texture files from the hi-poly bake. This will allow you to re-texture the files if desired:

4096x4096: AmbientOcclusion 4096x4096: Curvature 4096x4096: ID Maps 4096x4096: MeshNormals 4096x4096: Position 4096x4096: Thickness 4096x4096: WorldSpace_Normal

Note about textures. The Normal maps are -y, this is fine for directx. If they look flipped, just highlight the green channel in photoshop and hit ctrl+i. The normal maps are MikkT, most commonly used in today's commercial game engines.

If the roughness and metalness look too shiny in say, UE4, you'll have to make sure they are set to linear. Just double click the texture and uncheck the sRGB box. You can also fix that by combining maps in an image editor like Photoshop.

UV's are mostly flat with a few pieces overlapping where necessary.

Units are Metric.

Game Ready!

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