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Intrinsic Vehicle Design - Part 1

In Part 1 of this series I'll explain how to approach vehicle design in a clean, logical way. No tricks - just simple principles applied in simple ways.

Using basic tools in 3D and 2D, I'll show you how to create believable designs by simplifying the design problem into understandable chunks.

This densely edited video will show you how to make designs that become aesthetically pleasing by first solving all the production problems you will face in a real commercial environment.

I'll be using standard tools in both 3DS Max and Photoshop - ALL 3D users will be able to apply this pipeline.

Included - - PDF with full "DNA" briefing - 3x fully layered PSD's - 3DS Max 2014 working file - Exported OBJ and FBX for non-max users - 1 Hour 45 Minute video with full voiceover - One photoshop brush (the only one I'll use ;)

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