40 Lace Fabric Trim Textur + SBSR - VOL 04

If you have a project that needs lace, you should know that having a bunch of these patterns is a miracle and it increases your speed. So we gather around 40 trim texture and borders, that you can use anywhere you want. Also we provide 8 trim texture on the other hand, the trim sheet technique can bring much flexibility into your process. At the end there are 40 sbsar or substance material, that It can help you to use this product more efficiently.

After purchasing this product you will get:

40 trim (border) texture sets 8 Trim Sheet texture sets 40 substance material in sbsar format Each texture set has Normal, Height, AO, Opacity in Both PNG and TIFF format - 16 Bit Preview Short video tutorial for how to use this product

We used Model from Evgenia Petrova for this presentation. So the model doesn't include in this product. but if you need this model you can get it with this link:

This material Created by Mirage3Dart and Milad-Kambari, you can access to their portfolio on by the links

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You will get 3 files

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