Hard Surface
Base Meshes

SciFi texture MINIPACK

This pack contains 6 substance textures and 5 associated modular 3d models, as well as SciFi corridor scene that can be seen in the showcase video and renderings. All textures are randomizable, seamless, 4k* and have numerous controls such as paint peeling, rust, scratches, paint/metal/rust color, roughness etc. Suitable for PBR and classic workflow, also has V-ray supported outputs. Panel models are given in FBX and OBJ formats, with set up UVs. Included with 5 textures is additional plain substance material peeling paint metal, that can be used to keep the scene uniform with additional different models.

Output channels:

Diffuse Base Color Ambient Occlusion Glossiness Roughness Specular Metallic Normal Height Opacity Vray IOR Vray Reflection

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*Max resolution depends upon cooking size limit and your hardware capabilities, it can be set up to 32k in Substance Player, though it's set to 4k by default.

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