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40 Fabric Stitches Pattern

Fabric Stitches pattern is one of the useful and important products that have a significant impact on the beauty of our projects. This product is widely used in projects such as bag, chairs, car seats, beds, and some clothing. We have provided sbsar files here that have customize these patterns and made it easier for you to work on your projects. The sbsar file allows you to change the pattern color, stitch color, and the amount of pattern puff. We hope this product meets your needs and you enjoy using it. 40 Fabric Stitches Pattern 40 Stitches pattern base materials for Substance with customizable parameters Video Base Color (Diffuse) Height Map (Displacement) Metallic Map Roughness Ambient Occlusion Map All the maps are 4K and Seamless SBSAR

You will get 3 files

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