440 Alphas of The Oldest Alphabets in the World-V1

I spent a lot of time and days collecting and searching for the ancient alphabets, especially the oldest ones, so that I could provide you with the best and highest quality product of the real alphabets that existed in the past in the best possible order.

With these alpha brushes you can do a lot of amazing things and lose less time and these are so useful for you:

For many things like showing old tools and objects, models, for historical and ancient places as well as engraving on boulders and use them on stylized models, as well as amazing work like magic and spells and marking on anything you like Etc... as you know.

You can used these alpha brushes in any software that can support alpha and .jpg , .png , .tif

In this mega pack (version 1) you have:

  • 440+ alpha brushes
  • 12 species of the oldest real alphabets in the world, as follows:

Akkadian (Cuneiform) Alphabet Aramaic Alphabet Egyptian Alphabet Elamite Alphabet Hittite Alphabet Latin (Roman) Alphabet Luwian Alphabet Mycenaean Greek Alphabet Phoenician (Canaanite) Alphabet Sumerian Alphabet Ugaritic Alphabet Vikings (Runic) Alphabet

  • Short tutorials for using alpha brushes in 3 softwares: Blender, Zbrush & Substance painter
  • And finally a very small gift from me to you (to appreciate)
  • 440+ Alpha (2k & 4k)
  • 3 Different formats: 40964096 for PNG 32bit – 20482048 for TIFF & JPEG

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Patterns, Brushes, Alphas:

You will get 1 file

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